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The Sons of Slambo are the primary Age of Sigmar faction in the San Antonio area. The group was formed in 2015 and carries it's namesake from the iconic chaos hero "Slambo".

The club is involved with charity events like Port Maw (a worldwide narrative apocalypse event for 40k and AOS players), hurricane relief, and other worthy causes. The Sons of Slambo have partnered with may others to raise thousands of dollars over the years. Their primary beneficiary is Clarity Child Guidance Center. They help children throughout south Texas who suffer from mental illness. 

Members are given nicknames and titles based on their contributions and creativity. They also earn patches for hilarious fails, like "Unforgiven" (being banned by a local overzealous admin) and "Some left behind" (for forgetting to pick up a brother on the way to an event). All members are AOS fanatics, but most play other games as well. 

You will often hear if any members are near from the bellowing local war cry "SLAAAAAMBOOO".

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